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  • Tire monitoring platform
  • Web portal display of tire pressure and temperature for the entire fleet
  • Reduced punctures and longer tire life

Hanover, May 23, 2018. The technology corporation, automotive supplier and premium tire manufacturer Continental today unveiled its new tire monitoring platform ContiConnectTM. The pioneering technology aims to make fleets safer, more efficient and more intelligent. This efficient solution allows fleet managers to access tire pressure and temperature data for their entire fleets via a web portal. The data is updated automatically whenever a vehicle drives past the permanently installed on-site measuring station. ContiConnectTM allows fleet managers to switch their previous manual, routine tire maintenance processes to automated, targeted maintenance. The system’s proactive warning alert means that any deviations and problems can be identified and resolved immediately, minimizing the inspection and maintenance workload significantly. Selected fleets have already taken part in a test and trialled ContiConnectTM successfully.

One of these fleets is Gemmeke Logistik & Co. KG from Bad Driburg. The company uses its fleet of 30 jumbo vehicles to transport a range of goods such as plastic pipes, cardboard packaging, cans, drinks and rolls of paper for industrial customers. “To my mind, the safety aspect is all part and parcel of a modern fleet,” states managing director Johannes Gemmeke. “ContiConnectTM simply gives me more assurance because I know that I have the tires under control and the tire pressures and temperatures are all okay.” Before he introduced the new system, he had a contract with a company that came to the site every eight weeks to inspect the tires of all 30 jumbo trailers. This was not only expensive, but also often caused a gradual loss of tire pressure over time. The reason being that the inspectors had to open the valve to conduct the pressure check. This can allow dirt to get inside and cause the valve to leak.

ContiConnectTM reduces the maintenance workload, protects tires against long-term damage and minimizes the number of punctures. It minimizes tire wear, while improving fuel efficiency and safety. It also reduces fleet costs and increases operating time.

As soon as a vehicle drives onto the site, any tire problems are reported to the fleet manager and can be rectified. This prevents long-term damage, maximizes tire life until the tires are removed and improves the retreadability of the carcasses. Continental’s tire sensors detect gradual loss of air, which is one of the most common causes of tire damage. This reduces the number of puncture cases. “We sometimes had as many as ten punctures a year,” recalls test participant Gemmeke. “We didn’t have a single one in 2017 while using ContiConnectTM.”

The person in charge can conveniently check the conditions of the entire fleet’s tires. If there are any problems, the system sends a text or an e-mail as a proactive measure.

ContiConnectTM – a starting point for comprehensive tire-related data services

Nikolai Setzer, member of the Continental Executive Board and head of the Tire division, explains: “For Continental, ContiConnectTM represents the starting point to becoming a partner for comprehensive tire-related data services. This innovative tire management solution is a tremendous step forward in our transformation from a premium tire manufacturer to a solution provider. We are supplementing our longstanding experience in the tire industry with sensor data findings starting with our truck, bus and earth moving tires.” Henning Mühlenstedt, head of marketing and sales for the bus and truck tire replacement business in the DACH region, adds: “For our customers, ContiConnectTM means a change from manual, routine tire care to automatically monitored tires and targeted, integrated maintenance. This forms the basis for efficient mobility through digital connectivity of the vehicle, wheel, tire and fleet.”

The tire data is recorded by sensors, which are fitted to the interior cover layer of the tire to prevent damage from curbstones, for example, and theft. The technology also ensures that the sensor can measure the tire temperature and tire pressure reliably without the interference of heat from the brake systems. When the vehicles drive onto the site, a Yard Reader Station captures the sensor data and transmits it via the mobile network to the ContiConnectTM web portal.

The person in charge, be it the fleet manager or maintenance officer, can conveniently check the conditions of the tires using the web portal. If the tire pressure is not okay, the system sends an SMS or e-mail alert as a proactive measure. This allows the relevant people to act straight away to resolve issues instead of wasting valuable time manually checking the tire pressure.

The tire sensors can be easily retrofitted. Selected tire dimensions already come installed with the sensors ex works. This means that it is easier than ever for fleet operators to fit their vehicles with the right equipment to take advantage of Continental’s tire management solutions.

In addition to ContiConnectTM, Continental has even more intelligent tire management solutions on offer to cater to the varying business requirements of different fleets. The tire-pressure monitoring system ContiPressureCheckTM continuously shows the driver the real-time tire pressures and temperatures on a display in the cab and gives off an alert if there are any deviations. The option of integrating data into the various telematic systems provides the fleet manager with real-time data.

Continental has over 100 years of tire manufacturing experience and combines this with the latest digital technology to develop intelligent tire management solutions that lower fleet operating costs while enhancing safety.


Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transport. In 2017, Continental generated sales of €44 billion and currently employs more than 240,000 people in 61 countries.

The Tire division currently has over 24 production and development locations worldwide. The broad product range and continuous investments in R&D make a major contribution to cost-effective and ecologically efficient mobility. As one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers with approximately 54,000 employees, the Tire division generated sales of €11.3 billion in 2017.

Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of truck, bus and specialist tires. The business unit is continually evolving from that of a purely tire manufacturing business to a solution provider with a broad range of products, services and solutions for commercial vehicle tires.


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